Pharma Contract Manufacturing For Dental Care Range

Pharma Contract Manufacturing For Dental Care Range - We are the trusted company that manufactures the best Dental care or Oral care products In India.

Dental Pharma Products Manufacturers in India

Looking for best dental pharma products manufacturers in India?. We are one of the best pharmaceutical company for dental care products and also expert in pharma manufacturing services provider across India. We offers the wide and best pharma products range at reasonable price. You can find the best deal to us. acetonide ip 0.1%w/w,methylparaben0.09% w/w,propyparaben ip0.01% w/w ToothpasteDental Range, Oral Paste2Calcitrol.0.25mcg,omega 3-fatty acid,eicosapentaenoic acid...180mg,docosahexaenoic acid.120mg,methylcobalamin... 1500mcg,folic acid...400mcg,boron (as disodium tetraborate)...1.5mg,calcium carbonate.500mg (same as bio d3 max.) SoftgelDental Range, Softgel3Pottassium nitrate.5 %w/w,sodium monofluro phosphate .0.7 % w/w (medicated dental gel with cooling cr    
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