Third Party Manufacturers

are you looking for Third Party Manufacturers. Third Party Manufacturing refers to the outsourcing of pharmaceuticals products manufactured by other production units with their own brands. currently, it's a very popular strategy among all marketing companies. The chemical laboratories maintained on our premises examined the ingredients and resources of the product used in its formation. As a large third-party manufacturing company, we have taken the responsibility to provide high quality products and best service.

Third Party Manufacturing Company

Meltic Healthcare is one of the renowned trade organizations engaged in the manufacture of third party pharmaceutical products. We have offered extravagantly quality pharmaceutical APIs, pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions. All of our medicines are approved by DCGI and FSSAI, which guarantees high level customer satisfaction. Our range of drugs includes formulations such as tablets, capsules, ointments, soft gels, liquids, injections, etc. At Meltic Healthcare, quality is never compromised as we follow both quality assurance and quality control measures. The packaging and the quality of the products are the top priority of our company. Our quality reviewers attempt rigorous quality testing of each product to rule out defects before final shipment.

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